Working Group 1

Proteomics and Animal Health - The focus of Working Group 1 will be on research relevant to animal health covering biomarkers of infectious, parasitic and metabolic diseases, and genetic phenotype detection for breeding toward production goals as well as for resistance to disease.  It will be expected to interact with and be fully integrated with investigations into other aspects of farm animal science such as reproduction, metabolic, microbiology, parasitology, virology, immunology and nutrition.  Learn More

Working Group 2

Proteomics of Food of Animal Origin- The focus of Working Group 2 is to communicate fundamental research in proteomics related to food production, quality and food safety. Applying proteomics to food of animal origin aims at  understanding the protein based transformations that take place during processing, as when muscle is processed into meat products, and milk is processed to cheese and other dairy products.  Learn more

Working Group 3

Advancing Methodology for Farm Animal Proteomics - The focus of Working Group 3 is on the technical aspects of animal proteomics, from sample collection/preparation to protein separation, identification, and quantification in production animal body fluids, tissues and post harvest derived products. We compile knowledge from the COST members to develop generally applicable protocols for different types of specimens, offer technical support to the other WGs and highlight technological advances within the field of farm animal proteomics (FAP).  Learn More

About COST-Farm Animal Proteomics

The COST Action on Farm Animal Proteomics (FA1002) (see Memorandum of Understanding) was established in November 2010 to create a network of researchers with interest in the applications of proteomics to animal health, production and the processes related to post-harvest processing of food of animal origin.
Over the following four years the Action will achieve its objectives by holding a series of meetings and workshops where method protocols, sample preparation, technological advances and applications in farm animal production and food science can be debated and coordinated. 
The Action operates through three Working Groups

Working Group 1:  Proteomics and Animal Health
Working Group 2:  Proteomics of Food of Animal Origin
Working Group 3:  Advancing Methodology for Farm Animal Proteomics

In addition, Short Term Scientific Missions will be funded where researchers and especially early stage researchers will be able to undertake trans-national working visits to other institutes among the participants in order to learn advanced proteomic techniques and establish the links which could develop into productive research collaborations.
Training Schools will also be arranged so that the methods developed for proteomic investigation of the cells, tissues and fluids of farm animals can be rapidly disseminated across Europe.

The COST Action is managed through a Management Committee with up to 2 members from each of the countries who have agreed to participate in the Action. 
In order to join the COST Action on Farm Animal Proteomics, complete the survey of interest form and submit it by e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Further details can be obtained by contacting This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or from a Management Committee member from your country.