COST Meetings

This Action is administrated under the Grant systemPlease therefore consult the relevant Vademecum for all detailed information about funding and financial information of all COST meetings.

Funding and reimbursement for participants in COST events

Subject to the available budget, COST can reimburse up to 2 MC members (or substitutes) per country and the Chair of the Action for travel costs to COST events.  Members of Working Groups are eligible for reimbursement for travel to meetings of their working group on a case by case basis.  Also, a limited number of experts can be reimbursed if invited by the Management Committee, the Domain Committee or the COST Office. 

Participants in COST meetings should arrive/depart as close as possible to the beginning/end date of the meeting. If participants have non-COST activities either before or after the meeting, they should indicate the dates and times of departure from and return to their home as if they had only attended the COST meeting.

The participant eligible to receive reimbursement for travel expenses and allowances must declare that he/she has not received or is not entitled to any similar reimbursement or allowance from a third party. For audit purposes, the COST Office may contact the home institution of a participant regarding double payments.

Reimbursement can be claimed for the following costs:


The flat reimbursement rate is EUR 100 per night for accommodation and breakfast. The maximum number of nights that may be reimbursed equals the number of attended (as evidenced by the signed attendance list) meeting days + 1.  Accommodation will only be reimbursed from the night before the start of the meeting to the night at the end of the meeting.  Any deviation from this rule will require an explicit justification under "Other/remarks" of the COST Travel Reimbursement Request, supporting documentation, and prior approval from the COST Office.


Lunch (including coffee breaks) and dinner expenses will be reimbursed at a fixed rate of EUR 20 each. Meals provided by a separate COST meeting support shall not be paid.

Travel expenses

  • Travel by public transport

    For traveling by air low cost tickets have to be used. To benefit from the most economical fare, early booking is essential. Where no price is indicated on the ticket, the invoice must also be enclosed. The most economical tariff shall be reimbursed on production of originals or legible photocopies of the ticket. Business class can only be reimbursed under exceptional conditions and needs the prior approval of the COST Office. Air tickets exceeding EUR 1200 require prior approval from the COST Office.

    Local airport transfer should use the most economical means of transport. The shortest and most economical route by rail or bus between the departure point and the place where the meeting is held must be used. First class rail or bus travel may be reimbursed by the COST Office. The cost of seat reservations and transport of necessary luggage, and supplements for fast trains and sleepers (instead of hotel) are eligible expenses.

    For local transport expenses receipts are not required under a total of EUR 25 (out & return). If the total amount for the entire trip exceeds EUR 25, copies of all justifications and receipts have to be added to the reimbursement form.

  • Travel by Private or Hire Car

    The use of a private or hire car is reimbursed on the basis of EUR 0.20 per kilometre (no fuel, toll, car park etc.) will be reimbursed for one person traveling alone. Where two or more persons are entitled to reimbursement of travel expenses and use the same car, only the person responsible for the car shall be reimbursed at the rate of EUR 0.30 per kilometre and the name of the passengers must be declared on the reimbursement form. Travel by car for a distance of more than 2000 km total is normally not reimbursed and in any case no additional accommodation is paid. A proof of distance including address of departure has to be attached (print-out from websitessuch as Via-Michelin, Maporama, Mappy, Google Maps, etc.).

  • Taxi

    Taxi fares are limited to EUR 40 in total for each leg of the trip (ourward and return). Receipts are always required. They shall only be reimbursed where no reasonable public transport is available (i.e. before 7:00am and after 10:00pm). Any deviation from this rule will require an explicit justification and an approval from the COST Office.

Other expenses

If a visa is required to travel to a country, fees may be reimbursed on production of a supporting document (e.g., receipt from the consular section issuing the visa). Parking expenses may be refunded in exceptional cases, when these expenses are economically justified (e.g., in airport parking). In such cases, parking receipts are required.


For the reimbursement of travel costs, originals or legible photocopies of transport tickets must be provided with the claim form. They must clearly indicate the amount paid and the full routing (showing departure/arrival dates and times).

Only fully completed reimbursement forms shall be considered by the COST Office (including fields such as bank account details, meeting ID, departure/arrival dates/times and etc.). Participants must be registered prior to the meeting in the COST Database: https://e-services.cost.esf.org (or http://www.cost.esf.org/e-cost)

If the complete reimbursement form is not submitted within 60 days, it is presumed that no claim for payment or for reimbursement of expenses will be requested by the participant. Originals or legible photocopies of all travel documents must be kept by the participant for five years after the meeting.

Reimbursement is in Euro, at exchange rate calculated at the meeting date. Please note that the following costs not eligible for reimbursement:

  • Registration fees, costs of health, life and luggage insurance are not reimbursed
  • Cancellation insurance will only be reimbursed for non-changeable low cost tickets or similar not changeable tariffs.
  • Other costs such as telephone calls etc. cannot be reimbursed.

Any other arrangements may be considered in exceptional cases subject to prior approval from the COST Office.

Funding for organisation of Conferences of the COST Action and Working Group meetings

It would be beyond the scope of this site to list all the rules and regulations governing the funding for COST meetings. Please check the relevant information in the relevant Vademecum for the Grant System (see Chapter 3: Local Organiser Support) (http://www.cost.esf.org/participate/guidelines)