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RECRUITMENT OF EXPERIENCED RESEARCHER - Genomic and Proteomic Approach for Comparative Tumor Analysis

Recruitment of one experienced researcher (part of ERA Chair team, together with ERA Chair holder) on VetMedZg ERA Chair project (FP7). The activities of ERA chair will be conducted in the faculty of veterinary medicine, University of Zagreb, Croatia.


  • - To work with ERA Chair holder to establish fascility and technologies in the field of comparative tumor analysis. Candidate will be responsible for establishment of following techniques in FVM - a) genomic techniques (PCR, qPCR, HRM or direct sequencing, mutation detection) to perform work in the field of tumor molecular pathology, b) linkage analysis - presence of mutations in the oncogenes and occurance of tumors in animals; c) protein isolation and purification from various biologial samples mainly tumor tissues, c) fractionation and separation of proteins by various methods like 1D GE, 2D GE, in solution IEF and separtion of proteins from cell compartments, d) gel based and gel free quantitative protein assays (DIGE, LC-MS/MS for differential proteome analysis from tumor and healthy tissues.

  • To start independent line of research in oncomarker/biomarker discovery

  • To conduct training activities related to the genomics and proteomicss

  • To participate in conferences and in the process of publication of the scientific data

  • It is expected that the incoming and experienced researcher will prepare and apply for at least two international or national research grants within the duration of the VetMedZg project, under the direction of ERA Chair holder

  • It is expected that incoming experienced researcher will guide or co-guide at least one PhD student.

  • To introduce technology and training activities in the proposed WP

  • To drive continuous improvement in methodology, processes and formats through own expertise and experience.


  • Doctoral degree, preferably in biology (immunology, genetics), molecular biology or biochemistry.

  • Researcher with profile R3 or R2

  • Good experimental knowledge of – a) PCR, mutation detection, real time PCR, microarray, DNA sequence analysis; b) gel based proteomics, DIGE, protein fractionations and cell compartment fractionation, protein-protein interactions, recombinant protein production, qWestern blot, cell ELISA etc.

  • Strong leadership ability, excellent organizational skills and a high level of team spirit

  • Proficiency with MS Office, software in the field of genomics and proteomics like DNAstar, Geneious Pro, Scaffold, GeneCodis and Ingenuity Pathway Analysis.

  • Fluency in English (oral and written), with excellent communication and presentation skills


  • His/her success will be evaluated through his ability to integrate Core Facility at VetMedZg to the departments and clinics of the FVM

  • His/her full incorporation into the research activities at FVM is expected

  • He/she is expected to improve the overall knowledge in the field of genomics and proteomics investigations, with the possible application in basic and clinical research

  • Experienced researcher will be recruited and employed on 48 – month – long contract during the duration of project. Contribution of ERA Chair holder and experienced researchers developing scientific excellence at FVM, as well as success of the project, will be judged through various measurable indicators of research excellence in a given period of time (i.e. publishing papers in CC, participation of researchers as coordinators or partners at Horizon 2020, number of patents on the projects) as well as, generally the success of obtaining competitive research funding within the duration of the VetMedZg project.


    Send following documents to - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it before April 18, 2015
  • 1. Cover letter (also include expected starting date)

  • 2. CV including eduction, trainings, previous job experience (if applicable), language proficiency etc.

  • 3. List of publications (5-year track-record) with impact factor

  • 4. At least two reference letters (must contain telephone number and mail ID of referee).

  • 5. Max. one page description of your expertise in experimental techniques.

  • Expected starting date – June 2015
    Gross monthly salary 4.000 euro (approximately 2000 euro net)